Discover how to lose 3 to 6 kilos with the Fittergy Sportfasting Cure

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Scientifically proven Sportfasting cure
Burn 3 to 6 kilo of fat
3 to 7 centimeters less waist size
Includes special supplements to maintain your muscle mass
Personal guidance by Inge van Haselen, Sports Fasting Coach, Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer
Good for your brain
Strengthen your immune system

I lost about four kilograms in ten days and lost seven centimeters in waist size. A result to be proud of.
– Aimy Tamaris

Want to get back in shape?

Do you want to get back in shape? Work off those excess pounds and feel fit again? Then the Fittergy Sportfasting Cure is for you! It is a scientifically proven method to burn 3 to 6 kilograms of fat in 10 Days.

Inge van Haselen, Sportvastencoach

With an experienced sports fasting coach

I am Inge van Haselen, Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer and Sportfasting Coach. I have been coaching people with the Sportfasting cure for more than ten years. I can help you too to achieve maximum results.

Is Sport fasting something for you?

Sport fasting is not suitable for everyone. The cure gives best results for sporty men and women who are highly motivated and have perseverance.

To find out if this method is right for you, please answer the questions below. We will also go through these questions during the intake interview.

Answer these questions for yourself

Sports fasting is not suitable for everyone. Check for yourself if you are ready. Take pen and paper and answer the questions below with YES or NO:

  1. Are you really motivated to change your life and start with sport fasting to lose weight, become more vital and to be able to deliver better sports performances?
  2. Are you able to work less or take time off during days 4 to 7 (eg a long weekend)?
  3. Are you able to exercise for 20 minutes consecutively?
  4. Do you use medicines (excep for the birth control pill)?
  5. Are you being treated by a doctor for an illness?
  6. Have you had an eating disorder now or in the past?
  7. Do you plan to continue exercising after the sports fast treatment?

Your score

What do your answers mean? If you answered questions 1, 2, 3 and 7 with YES and questions 4, 5 and 6 with NO, you are ready to do the sportfasting cure.

Are you on medication or are you being treated by a doctor? Please send me a message with a short explanation. I will then submit your situation to a sports fasting doctor and you may still be able to participate. In case of an eating disorder, I advise you not to take the Sportfasting cure.

If you’re not ready yet …

Voldoe je (nog) niet aan de voorwaarden, maar wil je wel graag afvallen en fitter worden? Dan kun je beter kiezen voor het complete Persoonlijk Sportvasten Traject. Dan help ik je om je lichaam voor te bereiden op de Sportvastenkuur en maximaal rendement te behalen.

What a great reset for body and mind. The Sportfasting cure has made my head a lot clearer and my body energized, younger and slimmer again. Feel much better!
– Aernoud

How does the Sportfasting cure work?

Because everyone is different, we discuss during an extensive intake what the sports fast treatment will look like for you in your own personal sports fast program.

Adjustments can be made in training and nutrition to achieve the best result for you. In addition, we do a number of tests and you will receive the necessary nutritional supplements from me to support you during the course with all the associated information.


The Sportfasting course starts with three tapering days, in which you slowly eat less and prepare your body for fasting. Then follow one to three days of juice fasting with the support of special supplements to maintain your muscles. In the following four build-up days you slowly start eating more.

During the course you exercise at a certain intensity for 20 to 30 minutes every day. This will not be a problem for anyone with a reasonable basic condition. We have contact every day during the treatment.

Your body switches to fat burning

By eating less and training in a certain way you use up the sugar stores in your muscles. Your muscles are then forced to switch to fat burning. This so-called “metabolic switch” makes great changes in your body.

You lose weight quickly because you actually burn fat. Your fitness also improves. That is why top athletes have also taken the Sportfasting cure.

Supplements for maintaining muscle mass

The specially developed nutritional supplements that you use during the sports fast cure help your body to make the switch easier. In addition, the supplements also ensure that you can maintain the treatment more easily.

The supplements suppress your hunger, provide all the necessary nutrients and ensure that you maintain your muscle mass.

Special offer

To introduce you to the Sportfasting Cure I have put together a special offer. Of course you get the complete Sportfasting Cure, with intake, protocol, supplements and guidance.


Personal Nutritional Advice (value €97)

After the Cure I will give you a Personal Nutritional Advice based on my Clean Eating method. So that you also know how to keep your result after the course, that is very important. Otherwise, all the effort of fasting may still be in vain.

I am fit and full of energy
– Harry

Do you want to do the Sportfasting Cure?

Wil je gaan sportvasten en ben je geslaag

Do you want to burn fat and feel fitter than ever? Then order the Sportfasting Cure below. I look forward to coaching you for maximum results!


Inge van Haselen
Sportfasting Coach

PS: Are you thinking about taking the Sportfasting cure, but do you have any questions? Contact Customer Service and we will help you.


Order your Sportfasting cure here

Fittergy Sportfasting

Normal price: € 295,-

Special price: € 275,-

Receive the complete Sportfasting Cure with personal guidance and supplements to activate your fat burning and increase your energy.

Special Bonus included:
Personal Nutritional Advice (value €97)

Order now your Sportfasting Cure by clicking the button below:

“What a great reset for body and mind. The Sportfasting cure has made my head a lot clearer and my body energized, younger and slimmer again. Feel much better! ”
– Aernoud

I am happy that I kept up the 10 days, because that has definitely improved my endurance runs and I am now thinking about running a marathon again. Inge is a great coach, she guides you well and is always available for questions. I can recommend it to everyone, and yes 10 days are sometimes (mentally) tough, but it is absolutely worth it! ”
– Lisette

“I’m now a much happier person and energetic.”
– Marine

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